Active Shooter Preparedness and Response Course

The course and three tools were originally prepared and used by the Los Angeles Department of Public Health. The course, as updated, is now being provided by Michael Melton, who can be reached at or


The Active Shooter Preparedness and Response course is available to everyone for free on YouTube. Persons who have an account with the Public Health Foundation’s TRAIN Learning Platform may also use that platform to access the course.


Your access to this page and 3 tools is provided by Constant and Associates, Inc.


Active Shooter Response Tools and Resources

Below are three Active Shooter Response tools which include several key resources. These files are provided for use in preparing yourself and/or your associates. Use of these documents can help support and prepare you and/or your organization for an active shooter incident. To access each document, select and download that file.


A. Tool to Support I.D. of  Personal Action Options (Run, Hide & Fight) for Use during Violent Attack

B. Tool for Identification of Shelter-In-Place (or “Safer”) Room for Use to Hide during a Violent Attack

C. Active Shooter Response: FEMA’s IS – 907 (Active Shooter Response: What Can You Do), Plus Other Resources