We Expect the Unexpected.

CONSTANT, an 8(a) certified business, provides solutions in health security, emergency management, and healthcare preparedness. Since our company’s inception in 2004, our mission has remained steadfast: prepare our clients for the unthinkable. We have worked with all levels of government and an expansive list of private sector clients – from entertainment to biotech. Our work has resulted in awards, publications, and national best practices. We attribute this to an unmatched combination of outstanding staff and quality-driven protocols for each project.

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Epidemics have a special capacity for blind-siding affected populations with complex secondary impacts. The dramatic spread of infections and fatalities often focuses attention on the immediate public health threat. However, economic disruptions are often compounded…
With the COVID-19 outbreak continuing to affect the globe, CONSTANT would like to emphasize continuing and maintaining proper hygiene. Studies show that only 5% of people wash their hands properly, but with the Coronavirus outbreak,…
The global outbreak of COVID-19 (novel Coronavirus) has stirred a widespread panic. To help manage the misinformation, CONSTANT would like to take the time to inform the general public about actual measures that can be…