CONSTANT is now a Certified 8(a) Business

(Torrance, CA) December 2, 2019 – Constant Associates (CONSTANT), an award-winning resilience consulting firm, is pleased to announce that we are now a certified 8(a) business! This certification will provide CONSTANT extensive opportunities to expand our work with federal agencies across all of our core service areas – health security, emergency management, healthcare preparedness, and counterterrorism.


The 8(a) certification gives us the ability to:

  • Receive sole-source contracts from the Federal government
  • Compete for 8(a) set-aside contracts
  • Receive 10% preference in price evaluations for full and open competition
  • Leverage Joint Venture/Mentor Protégée programs

Learn more information about the U.S. Small Business Administration’s 8(a) program.


Media Contact: Donna Chaney, (443) 836-5073,




CONSTANT Associates is an award-winning disaster and crisis management firm, certified as an 8(a) and Economically Disadvantaged Woman Owned Business (EDWOSB) with a 19-year history of helping clients across all levels of government and the private sector prepare for catastrophic health emergencies and disasters.