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June 2024 | Issue #29

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CEO Michelle Constant with her diploma for earning an MBA from the University of Southern California.Enter June and swing into a Summer mindset – graduations, vacations, barbecues, and beach time. Here at CONSTANT, there is a flurry of activity: SLTT project closeouts, Federal BD ramp-up, and Summer Summit, to name a few.


June also marks the last month of Q2, meaning we have another month to build on first-half-of-the-year wins like landing work with Maui, FEMA, San Mateo, and (this just in!) the Federal Highway Administration. This, alongside key project successes like Cal OES AFN projects, the Manhattan Beach HMP, Ventura County COVID AAR, and Solano County MRSE.


Behind it all, there is our amazing body of team members. Your commitment to mission, excellence, and positivity not only serve as my happy thoughts of the day, but they are the fuel that drives the CONSTANT engine.


In Service,


-Michelle Constant 


Photo above: Me graduating with my MBA from USC (Fight on!).

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CONSTANT's June Birthdays

Happy Birthday to our June crew!

  • June 15 – Jessica Driskill
  • June 22 – Kim Hayward Buys

CONSTANT's Work Anniversaries

Happy Anniversary, and cheers to many more years!

  • June 6 – Dan Smith – 2 years
  • June 6 – Dylan Yates – 2 years
  • June 7 – Christy Carry – 3 years
  • June 13 – Brea Dees – 2 years
  • June 16 – Dana Bell – 1 year
  • June 16 – Christina Chapper – 1 year
  • June 21 – Kevin Koller – 2 years

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to our mission!

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Summer Sparks: Seizing New Opportunities

Business Development by Jeff Philippart, Business Development Director

Following the presentation at the Winter Summit, CONSTANT’s growth mindset is apparent. Team members across the company are letting the Business Development (BD) Team know when follow-up opportunities with current or prospective clients are or may be coming soon. These opportunities include follow-on work building from a past project (ex: a training or exercise for a recently developed plan), work resulting from a new requirement, work for a complementary initiative (ex: an update to an EOP following an HMP update), and more. These ‘future’ RFPs are being tracked by the BD Team and monitored across our procurement platforms to ensure we receive notice of and track the official request for proposal (RFP).
However, the time between identification and the release of an RFP can be weeks or even months. This represents a time period in which we can shape a pre-RFP before the “cone of silence” is enacted when the RFP officially is advertised. What can we do during this time to both shape the upcoming opportunity and stay connected with our clients?
Client engagement is the best way to shape future opportunities for growth. Staying engaged with our clients and keeping the relationship “warm” can bring benefits such as:

  • We can provide suggestions for how to approach a project given our expertise and prior experience.
  • We can inform the client of new requirements that could impact their expectations for timing and budget.
  • We can explore sole source opportunities if the client is able to avoid going out to bid. 
  • The client can help us tailor our proposal solution to fit their specific challenges.
  • The client can explain the scope of their proposed project, which can help us identify if there are any areas beyond our expertise that could require a teaming partner.
  • The client can refer us to adjacent agencies that could benefit from CONSTANT’s expertise.
What are some ways that you can keep the relationship “warm” with your clients?
  • Tailor a solution for your clients. CONSTANT can conduct brainstorming/Q&A sessions with our clients to generate ideas and potential solutions to our client’s needs. These can be formalized within a white paper, quote, or tailored capability statement or briefing, which the BD Team can create with your support. 
  • Regularly communicate with your clients. This could include interacting with them on LinkedIn, communicating via email or check-in meetings, connecting at industry or networking events, etc. Communications can be follow-ups related to past projects, updates about CONSTANT’s services or capabilities, celebrations of achievements or milestones, personal connections, etc. 
  • Provide value to your clients. This could include sharing relevant industry news, legislation, best practices, templates, and tools that show that we are up-to-date on the latest industry trends. 
  • Anticipate needs. During project conduct, we often get a deep look at an agency or organization’s operations that can allow us to identify potential future needs and proactively offer solutions or suggestions that CONSTANT can support implementing. While this process is built into some of our projects (ex: AARs), other times we will need to be proactive in suggesting future initiatives based on our evaluation, legislation, and emerging best practices.
Bottom line – there are a lot of benefits from staying engaged with our clients and keeping a “warm” relationship. Thank you for helping the BD team and please reach out should you have any questions or require assistance.
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Breaking the Habit - How the FEMA Qualification System Team is Turning Automation into Creative Opportunities

Operations by Jayson Kratoville

For almost two years, CONSTANT has led a multi-company team updating training for the FEMA Qualification System (FQS). FQS is part of FEMA’s development strategy for ensuring its incident workforce is qualified and capable to serve in their response roles. FEMA has been stuck in a cycle of just hustling to keep courses updated. The CONSTANT-Eagle Hill team has automated baseline processes like instructor/student guide creation and comment tracking. This has reduced material development time from 60-90%. FEMA is now engaging our team in discussions on transforming training approaches and broader workforce development.


There are a few takeaways from this ongoing success:


  • There’s power in making the routine…routine. The less creative energy we can spend on predictable processes, the more we can use for creative and impactful work. This holds whether we use a technology like automation, or just nail down and stick to a process.
  • Technology solutions don’t need to be flashy to make an impact. FQS’ automation tools fix small barriers that were holding up bigger discussions. This also relates to our ongoing discussion on the role of AI tools in freeing up more creative human-centered thinking, rather than “replacing” it.
  • We can apply these tools to broader work. Document automations are applicable to any project (or set of projects) requiring incremental / repeated document creation. Training and workforce development innovations can help any agency with a need in this area. Those working on Federal projects should especially keep an eye out as we head toward the end of the Federal fiscal year and into an election cycle.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t highlight the efforts of the team—Instructional System Designers (Lee, Dana, Christina, James, and Oliver), psychometrician and automation experts (Monica and James), Kim as she takes over leadership, and our partners. Reach out to me or Kim with questions and ideas on how we can apply automations to our broader work and beyond!

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Where Do Birds Stay When They Go on Vacation? Someplace Cheap.

People and Culture by Maggie Peters, Director of People and Culture and Alyssa De La Cruz, Sr. HR Business Partner

Q2 Pulse Survey: Thank you for participating in the Q2 Pulse Survey focused on the topic of Team Connectedness. We will discuss summarized results in the next few weeks, including actionable steps. In the meantime, we thought it might be helpful to provide you with ways to feel connected and help others do the same.


Great Place To Work Annual Survey: Speaking of surveys, our annual Great Place To Work Survey is coming this summer. It is anonymous (as usual) and will have +60 questions for you to tell us how you feel about anything from EDI, compensation, benefits, culture, you name it. We cannot stress how important it is to hear your perspectives on these areas. We take consider each recommendation to continue to build the best company you would ever want to work for. More information will follow and please, participate in this survey!


Help Us Attract Talent: GlassDoor Reviews: Studies show a significant portion of job seekers consult Glassdoor reviews to learn about company culture, compensation, and work-life balance before applying or making a final decision about an offer. Please post a positive review on GlassDoor when you have a moment. This platform is so important for us to continue to attract quality candidates like YOU!

Professional Development – Building Your Professional Brand! In today’s digital world, your professional brand is more important than ever. It’s your online reputation where you can show what makes you special while also highlighting CONSTANT as a great place to work and attract high performers who are a good fit for our culture.


Here are some ways to make your professional brand shine:


  • Craft a Compelling LinkedIn Profile: This is your professional storefront! Make sure your profile is up to date with clear and concise information about your skills, experience, and achievements. Use relevant keywords and tailor your profile to your target audience.
  • Be Yourself (The Professional You): Let your personality shine through but maintain a professional demeanor. People connect with genuine individuals, so find a balance that showcases your strengths and expertise.
  • Showcase Your Accomplishments: Don’t be shy! Toot your own horn (a little). Share your achievements, awards, or successful projects online and in your professional bio.
  • Show, Don’t Just Tell: Sure, you can say CONSTANT is great, but on LinkedIn, you can show it! Post pictures of team building events, team wins, or cool projects. Share stories about the work you do, learning opportunities, and company culture. This paints a vibrant picture of what it’s really like to work at CONSTANT.
  • Engage & Attract: Don’t just broadcast! Engage with other companies and people in your industry. Share interesting articles, participate in discussions, and answer questions from potential clients and team members. This positions CONSTANT as a thought leader and attracts top talent who are interested in what you have to offer.
  • Power of Networking: Having connections across industries and within CONSTANT allows you to learn new things, find opportunities, and share ideas. It’s like having a built-in support system to help you and your CONSTANT soar.
  • From Acquaintances to Allies: Think of networking events as awesome meet-and-greets for professionals. Strike up conversations, connect on LinkedIn, and follow up. These connections could turn into valuable allies who can introduce you to new clients or even become future colleagues you love working with.

By building a strong professional brand you can establish yourself as a valuable asset in your field and create a buzz about CONSTANT to attract talented individuals who want to be part of our awesome work family.



Important June Dates:


  • June 3-7: Maggie is on PTO so please contact Alyssa De La Cruz for any P&C assistance.
  • June 5: Payday $$$
  • June 10: Expense Reports Due
  • June 14: Submit Timesheets
  • June 19: Juneteenth Holiday
  • June 20: Payday $$$
  • June 21: Expense Reports Due
  • June 24: Monthly Staff Meeting (9 am PT / 12 pm ET)
  • June 26: EDI Quarterly Meeting (9 am PT / 12 pm ET)
  • June 28: Submit Timesheets

Summer Summit: Our Summer Summit is just around the corner! From Monday July 29th and Tuesday July30thmake your mark on how we continue to shape our company to professionally grow and exceed our client’s expectations. Action: Do you have an idea or recommendation of what you’d like to see, hear, or learn about? Let Brea know! So many ideas have been used before to continually refine these important events. We’re starting our planning sessions now because it takes a lot of collaboration to make a great event focused on what you need and want.


Benefits Highlight – Sun Safety. Summer is a time for fun in the sun, but it’s also important to stay healthy and safe in the heat. Here are some key health tips and tricks to keep you feeling your best:


  • Sunscreen is essential: Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher before heading outside, and reapply every two hours, or more often if swimming or sweating. Don’t forget to cover your ears, lips, neck, and the tops of your feet.
  • Seek shade whenever possible: An umbrella or a wide-brimmed hat can provide valuable protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.
  • Sunglasses are a must: Protect your eyes from UV rays with sunglasses that block 99% to 100% of UVA and UVB light.
  • Stay hydrated! Drink lots of water while out in the sun.
  • If you are a VSP member, you and members of your family have access to VSP Exclusive Member Extras, a variety of valuable discounts and offers to help you save money while making the most of your summer. Check out where VSP can help you save with this link.
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Finance in the Summer is So-fish-ticated

Finance By Maggie Peters, Director of People and Culture

We are continuing to interview for our new GovCon Finance and Accounting Controller please share the position with your networks, and remember there is a $500 referral bonus.


Please complete your expense reports by June 10 and again by June 21. This helps us close out the month efficiently. 


Did you know that you can update your tax withholding, direct deposit, home address, emergency contacts and more in isolved? Now is a great time to make sure your information is current. 


401(k) Website:  You can now enjoy an enhanced online experience, including a redesigned participant website with a modern look and feel and updates to the American Funds RKDirect mobile app. The new features include:



  • An improved mobile app with all the functionality of the website
  • Easier navigation, with features based on research of participant online behavior
  • A responsive website design to optimize the view across devices of varying screen sizes
  • A participant help center with resources and information to make managing accounts easier, including a Retirement Goals Calculator 

Watch this video to learn more about the enhanced website. 


New Investment Fund Being Added to our 401(k): Effective June 27, 2024, another investment option will be added to our 401(k): American Funds 2070 Target Retirement Fund. It is designed for investors who plan to retire in or within a few years of 2070 and is actively managed by Capital Group investment professionals. For more information, go to American Funds. 

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The Georgia Summer and Hackers - are Coming in HOT!

Information Technology By Morgan Forrest, IT Manager

This month let’s discuss password management. These days password hacking is at an all-time high, and hackers are excellent at it. In the good ole days your biggest threats to passwords were because they were written down, easy to figure out, or simply sent erroneously. So, in today’s world let’s notate a few methods to improve your ability to protect your accounts and data.


  • Password Length – 8 is standard, 12 is better, 16 is best (for now). The longer the password the longer and harder it is for it to be cracked.
  • Complexity – Letters, numbers, symbols. The mixed use of capitalized and uncapitalized letters. Number and symbols help to make a password more complex. The more the B3t+3r!
  • Random – Make it random. Password123 is easy to guess. Kids names, animal names, your mother’s maiden name, etc. are all easy guesses for hackers. If you use a word, try to make it more complex.
  • Do not give your password out – Companies, vendors, and application support rarely, if ever, ask for your password. If they do, it’s probably a hacker.
  • Emails asking for a password are another clue. If you receive an email asking for your password, it is more than likely a hacker.
  • In public, shield your pins, passwords, and other security information. In public, hackers will take pictures or watch you input the information, then physically steal the device.

As always if any of this happens to you, please let me know. You can also submit a helpdesk form for this. Don’t let the heat get you!

CONSTANT Brain Games banner

Congratulations to last month’s brain games winner, Derek, who solved the Tattooine Wordle in 42.3 seconds!


This month’s Brain Games is Summer Trivia! The first person to email Brea your answers wins a prize. No googling 🙂


  • What does SPF stand for?
  • What is the most grown crop in the United States?
  • What is the most visited National Park in the United States?
  • What year will LA host the Summer Olympics?
  • What holiday marks the unofficial end of Summer?

Our mission is to make the world a safer place.

It’s that simple, and that’s why we are here. We have a strategic plan for the next three years, called CONSTANT Strategy, which outlines what our biggest priorities are:

  • Take care of our people
  • Forward our mission
  • Respond to our clients’ most pressing needs
  • Expand strategically across markets
  • Build infrastructure for the future

To help us execute on our mission, we have developed the CONSTANT Credo and our aligned core values (see the graphic below). We live by these.


CONSTANT Credo 20th anniversary version. Features 2 and a 0 crossing over each other.

We appreciate all of your hard work as we continue to grow. We hope you enjoyed reading this issue of CONSTANT Connections! We are open to any ideas, suggestions, or feedback on CONSTANT Connections. Please submit your ideas to Brea Dees.

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