Vaccine Distribution - Planning and Training Support

The CDC recently released their vaccination program playbook to help jurisdictions prepare for the distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine. Are you ready?

What is required?

Gap Analysis/Improvement of Plans. CDC is encouraging local and state health departments to perform a gap analysis of their existing vaccination and POD plans. In particular, these need to be updated due to CDC record keeping requirements and cold chain management.

Planning. Health departments must develop three-phased plans for vaccine distribution.

Cold Chain Management and Storage Training. The COVID-19 vaccine will require a highly controlled environment from receipt to injection. A successful vaccination program requires that every participating team member has been trained to preserve the viability of the vaccines.

Community Planning. CDC encourages local and state health departments to organize Vaccination Planning Committees with membership representing a broad range of key stakeholders.

Estimation of Population Numbers. For large jurisdictions, this should include geographic information for use in developing targeted strategies to ensure that all critical populations including marginalized communities are reached.

Provider Recruitment and Training. Local and state health departments must identify, recruit, train, and register potential providers with the CDC to meet stringent Federal requirements.

Second Dose Follow-up. Jurisdictions must have a plan and system established for helping providers outreach to persons who have received the first dose to ensure that they return for the second dose.

Community Outreach. CDC encourages local and state health departments to leverage public education and outreach programs to ensure that messages are effective in connecting with all people including individuals with access and functional needs as well as those with limited English proficiency.

How CONSTANT can help?

Planning. CONSTANT has been developing vaccine distribution plans for the entire 16-year history of our company. We can build a plan for any size jurisdiction specific to its needs and available resources.

Gap Analysis/Improvement of Plans. CONSTANT has an experienced team of vaccination planners that can quickly evaluate any jurisdiction’s plan for gaps and recommend effective solutions that will meet the needs of a specific jurisdiction.

Cold Chain Management and Storage Training. CONSTANT can provide just-in-time training and materials to providers and distribution partners to help them prepare for the stringent requirements expected for transporting and maintaining the COVID-19 vaccines.

Community Planning. CONSTANT can help organize and facilitate a fully integrated community vaccine planning and distribution process that brings together stakeholders including: healthcare coalitions, emergency managers, critical infrastructure reps, and large employers (public and private) that may administer vaccines to their employees.

Estimation of Population Numbers. CONSTANT can ensure that your plans and vaccine distribution program is right for your population based on multiple factors including size, population distribution, available resources and more, while ensuring it’s inclusive of at-risk individuals and others with access and functional needs.

Provider Recruitment and Training. CONSTANT can help with provider recruitment, registration, training, and verification in alignment with Federal requirements.

Second Dose Follow-up. CONSTANT can work with jurisdictions to create a tracking and follow up system for re-engaging first does recipients to close the vaccination loop and ensure program success.

Community Outreach. CONSTANT has successfully conducted multiple emergency and disaster community outreach campaigns. We can develop and execute a customized campaign for your jurisdiction that reaches the whole community and increases vaccination rates.