Sonoma County Department of Health Services Department Operations Center Training

The Sonoma County Department of Health Services (DHS) contracted with CONSTANT to provide curriculum development and training conduct for 45 individuals assigned to leadership positions in their Department Operations Center (DOC) in late 2018. This project was developed as part of the outcomes from the 2017 wildfires experienced in Sonoma County in order to assist DOC staff in examining their roles and responsibilities. As part of this project, CONSTANT convened planning calls with DHS, developed an eight-hour ICS-based workshop and all associated participant materials, co-led the conduct of the training in September of 2018, sent a post-training summary to participants based on feedback and identifying next steps, compiled a post-training report for DHS with recommendations for future training, and revised the training curriculum according to the feedback collected. The training focused on ICS concepts modified for public health with specific modules on resource requests, public messaging, and information flow. The training also featured a number of scenario-based interactive activities to give participants practice with forms and Planning P meetings. In addition, this project was completed on an accelerated timeline, within two months of contract execution.