SNAP Initiates Pilot for Online Ordering and Delivery

For the first time, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) participants will be able to select and pay for their groceries online, during a two-year test (pilot) launched in New York State in AprilSince then, now 35 states have signed up for the pilot including California and Arizona joining already participating states of Oregon and Washington.  

Secretary Perdue said, “We look forward to monitoring how these pilots increase food access and customer service to those we serve, specifically those who may experience challenges in visiting brick and mortar stores.” 

 CalFresh, California’s food stamps (SNAP) program, which provides food to 1.1 million Californians with disabilities, now allows people to order food online. Taking it a step further, in California, a second program helps provide food delivery. Together these two programs create a new capability for online food ordering and delivery. 

In the first three weeks of deliveries, the program delivered more than 30,000 meals to more than 620 families and individuals with disabilities.   

For more information about how the SNAP Program assisted during COVID-19, here are some other resources: