DoD SkillBridge Internship

DoD SkillBridge Program Internship


CONSTANT is proud to support members of the United States military and their families by providing professional internship opportunities through the Department of Defense (DoD) SkillBridge Program. This program gives transitioning service members a paid opportunity to gain valuable civilian work experience through vetted industry training, apprenticeships, and internships during their last 180 days of service. For more information on the SkillBridge program and how to participate in it, please visit:

The Internship

CONSTANT offers internship opportunities focused on the company’s consulting operations (emergency management, public health, and healthcare preparedness) and its business functions (human resources, finance/accounting, information technology, and business development). Interns working on the operations side get a broad exposure to our practice and service areas, partially guided by their interests and available projects. Business function interns will get deep experience supporting the operations and development of one or more functions.

Our SkillBridge internships come in two formats. Both provide interns access to training, project work, mentorship, and reflection opportunities that help maximize the value of their time at CONSTANT. These opportunities are open to both officers and enlisted. Applicants are required to have a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degrees are preferred.

  • Traditional Internship: Designed for young professionals with limited experience in our service areas who are looking to polish their professional skills, gain work experience, and prepare for a civilian career path. This format mirrors the CONSTANT Internship Program and integrates military interns with their civilian counterparts for shared learning and camaraderie. For more information on  the CONSTANT Internship Program, visit our page here.
  • Peer Mentorship: Designed for individuals with substantial professional experience in our service areas and are in a mid- to late-career transition into the civilian world. This program will pair you with a senior member of our consulting staff who will guide you in translating your knowledge and experience into valuable services. This will include opportunities to exercise and develop your leadership and project management skills.

SkillBridge Program participants who successfully complete the internship will receive letters of recommendation, access to our professional network of interns, and assistance in developing further professional opportunities. When job openings are available, SkillBridge interns who demonstrate exceptional skill may be considered for available positions that match their demonstrated capabilities.

Transition Support

CONSTANT understands that transitioning from military to civilian life is difficult and fraught with challenges. Translating military skills and experience into a civilian job, and adapting to civilian work culture, can involve a steep learning curve. At the same, service members must often deal with losing the identity, purpose, and community that the military provides. To help our SkillBridge interns with these challenges when they arise, CONSTANT maintains several mechanisms for connecting interns with support resources:

  • We support an employee resource group (ERG) for veterans to encourage peer-to-peer support for personal and professional development
  • Our Team includes military veterans and veteran service organization members who are happy to discuss challenges, help identify resources, and serve as advocates
  • We can facilitate connections with veteran service organizations that provide inclusive services for military personnel and veterans alike
  • We maintain a culture that is proactive in identifying staff support needs, encouraging self-care, and helping team members to support one another through all challenges

CONSTANT has several mechanisms to help our SkillBridge interns with these challenges. First, our staff includes both military veterans and veteran service organization members who have direct experience tackling such issues. These staff are happy to engage with our SkillBridge interns to discuss challenges and help identify solutions. Second, we support an employee resource group for veterans to encourage peer-to-peer support for personal and career development. Lastly, we’re happy to facilitate connection of our SkillBridge interns with veteran service organizations that provide tailored services for service members and veterans alike.

Application Process

CONSTANT hires SkillBridge interns on a rolling basis based on our capacity, the number of SkillBridge intern positions available, and our projected volume of work. We try to engage SkillBridge interns for the full 180 days that the SkillBridge Program allows; however, we can only accept applications 2-3 months before the applicant becomes available.

Applicants go through a thorough interview process that involves multiple checks for organizational fit, professional experience, and skill competencies. Be prepared to provide a resume at the start. Later, you will be asked to provide a detailed work and education history, references, and writing samples.

Prospective applicants should visit the SkillBridge website and read through the information for service members and the FAQ . When you are ready to start the application process, follow the directions on the SkillBridge How to Apply page. Reach out to CONSTANT’s SkillBridge point of contact when directed.


If you have additional questions about the CONSTANT SkillBridge Internship, please email: