Caution Fatigue during COVID-19

We have witnessed a wide range of dispositions surrounding how cautious our society should be in response to COVID-19. After nearly four months of faithfully participating in this global pandemic response, many of those who have been generally cautious and have carefully sought to adhere to the guidance of local health authorities might begin to experience caution fatigue.

Caution fatigue is a naturally-occurring tendency and temptation to begin to scale back the degree of vigilance and relax the standard of safety that was established at the height of the fight. It is akin to the first responder who prematurely begins to doff their personal protective equipment after a long and hard operational period. It’s also akin to the long distance runner who begins to slow down their pace after a long and strong race as they glide towards the finish line.

Time and time again, we have heard the coaches of world-class runners encourage their teams to sprint all the way through the finish line and not slow down at the very end of the race. As a society, we have come too far and have achieved too much collective good in response to this pandemic to give in to caution fatigue now.

May this serve as encouragement for us all to remain vigilant and steadfast as we navigate the phased reopening period. Continue to frequently wash your hands, keep your hands out of your face, sanitize frequently touched surfaces, and wear your face covering and practice physical distancing while in public. Let’s all remain safe and well, friends.