Now Hiring: Emergency Management / Homeland Security Analyst II

Why upgrade your career with Constant & Associates (C&A)?
You’re tired of being pigeonholed into the same tasks and activities day after day. You have a passion for emergency management/homeland security and want to make a real difference. You want to spend your precious time being appreciated for your quick wit and strong work ethic. You want to be heard. Welcome to C&A.

You’ll get to work on projects like the Statewide Medical Health Exercise or the 15 ‘til 50 Mass Casualty Incident Toolkit. And, being the polished professional you are, you’ll gain access to extremely seasoned experts and get face-to-face time with exciting, diverse and highly visible clients. To quote one energized team member,

C&A is a great experience building and stretching opportunity!”

About C&A
Constant & Associates is an award winning consulting firm known for our innovative solutions in the emergency management and security industries. We have an enviable client base that spans private and public sectors. We work in an open environment that encourages idea sharing. This isn’t just because it’s the right thing to do, but it makes better analysts that result in better products, and is just good business. And because we can sometimes spend long hours in the trenches of a project together, we’re proud to say we build the camaraderie of shared experiences and humor. We currently employ 10 staff with over 30 associates who provide a variety of expertise and support. Advancement opportunities will abound, because C&A is poised for rapid growth and expansion in 2016 and beyond. Your timing couldn’t be better!

Your Responsibilities

  • Your role is critical. As such, you will be involved in many various important activities such as writing plans, developing exercise documentation and briefings, and providing support and/or facilitation during meetings and events.
  • Technical writing is an essential skill in your job. You will contribute to gap analyses, assessments, after action reports, and other analytical projects.
  • Since quality is a top priority at C&A, you’ll be called upon to ensure accuracy, consistency, and clarity of documents.
  • With a keen sense of detail, you’ll be organizing, prioritizing, and accomplishing multiple tasks under deadlines – this comes easy for you!

Objectives For Your First Six (6) Months

  • First, you’ll learn C&A’s business, approach, team performance models, and culture.
  • During your first few months, you’ll be given the opportunity to support the completion of response strategies for one of our government clients. The task will include strategy development, client interface, plan writing, and more.
  • You’ll be called upon to lead a task within a major initiative as part of a full scale exercise. This is a highly visible program!
  • Ultimately, your success will be measured by your ability to creatively solve the challenges with intellect, poise, and professionalism.

Candidate Background

  • Ideally, you’ll have completed a Masters degree in Emergency Management, Homeland Security, or a related field.
  • You’re a self-starter with 5-10 years of emergency management/homeland security experience with commercial, government, consulting, or academia.
  • We work in both diverse environments, but we all speak the same language: Emergency Management. It’s critical that you have “native” fluency in ICS, NIMS/SEMS, HSEEP, CPG 101, CPG 201, and natural and man-made hazards.
  • Experience with emergency operations centers, writing response or continuity plans, and familiarity with federal, state, and local responsibilities in a disaster will also go a long way in ensuring you can dive in head first to the work we do here.
  • You’re an absolute wizard with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. You’ll gain some serious extra points if you can make your way around Adobe Photoshop and InDesign; some photo and video editing software experience would be icing on the cake.
  • We work with some very easy-going, but very security-minded clients that may require a security clearance, so your background should be one that wouldn’t preclude it.

Attributes of Your Success

  • Analytical – You are comfortable with qualitative and quantitative analysis, and look beyond the obvious. Your learning curve is steep – you pick up ideas quickly and thrive on a challenge.
  • Agility – You are flexible and manage change well, and can “shift gears” from task to task comfortably.
  • Communication – You have strong written and verbal communications skills.
  • Confident – You’re comfortable presenting your opinions (public speaking), even if that means taking an unpopular stand.
  • Creative – You come up with new and unique ideas. Making the connections between unrelated ideas comes easy to you.
  • Driven – You consistently exceed goals and are a top performer.
  • Outgoing – Your outgoing personality, polished appearance and confidence are essential tools you’ll use to talk with officials, experts, and vendors.
  • Team Player – You’re very comfortable working within a team. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to be a leader, but at the end of the day our products say “Constant & Associates” on them, not “[Insert Your Name Here]”. The ability to trust and play nicely with others is crucial.

Compensation & Benefits

You will work from our Torrance office Monday through Thursday and work from home on Fridays. Limited travel may be required. The annual salary range is $70,000 – $100,000 based on experience, plus eligible bonuses. Additionally, you will be eligible to participate in our quarterly profit sharing program. We observe nine holidays per year in addition to paid time off days. We offer healthcare, dental, vision, short and long term disability, and life insurance as well as a 401K program.

Contact Information

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