Meet our Team - Tracy To

Tracy To is an Intern/Analyst at Constant Associates. Ms. To earned her master’s degree in Public Health, Health Management and Policy from Oregon Health & Science University and Portland State University (PSU) in 2020. During her master’s program, Ms. To worked on projects with PSU, Multnomah County’s local health department, and Providence Emergency Management. For PSU’s student health center, she provided a policy analysis, resources, and recommendations based on best practices for tuberculosis (TB) screening policy for international students at PSU. PSU will use her work as a guide to pass a TB screening policy for international students.

With PSU’s Emergency Management, Ms. To created a wildfire smoke and extreme heat hazard annex in preparation for the start of the 2020 wildfire season. For Multnomah County’s local health department, she helped develop an evaluation plan for their WIC satellite program. Lastly, at Providence Emergency Management, she planned and coordinated emergency preparedness fairs for the hospitals in the Oregon region as well as assisted with MCI exercises.


Favorite Disaster Movie: Train to Busan
Favorite Acronym: SMART
Strangest/Favorite Personal Emergency Kit Item: Smiski, flashlight, and a pocket knife
First EM Response/Experience: Assisting with a MCI exercise in the emergency department
Hobbies: Arts and craft, games (board/video/arcade crane/etc), reading, photography