Meet Our Team: Patrick Broadwell - Defense Threat Reduction Foreign Disclosure Assistant

Patrick Broadwell is Constant Associates’ Defense Threat Reduction Agency Foreign Disclosure Assistant in Fort Belvoir Virginia, with extensive experience in national security matters. Mr. Broadwell holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from Louisiana State University, and a Master of Professional Studies in Homeland Security with focus in Intelligence Operations from Tulane University. Mr. Broadwell’s experience stems from his time serving as a Marine Corps Air Defense Control Officer stationed in Okinawa Japan, where he deployed to multiple nations in both exercise and real-world contingencies throughout the Pacific Area of Operations. Mr. Broadwell has written multiple papers that include the psychology of international terrorism, most notably on Hezbollah, illicit monetary tactics of ISIS, and the Tokyo Sarin attacks by Aum Shinrikyo. His works also include research into counterinsurgency, counterintelligence, and case studies of Central Intelligence Agency, and KGB human intelligence operations.

Mr. Broadwell’s interests in national security, and policy started at an early age where he witnessed Hurricane Katrina in 2005. He was able to see many positive and negative influences of government working at relief stations throughout Louisiana and the gulf coast. In 2015, Mr. Broadwell was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps, and this was where he was able to put his interests in national security into action. Deploying to multiple Pacific nations Mr. Broadwell worked hand in hand with partner NATO, and coalition forces, planning multiple expeditionary exercises that included all aspects of the Marine Air Ground Task Force. Mr. Broadwell took it upon himself to learn the details of how intelligence operations are conducted, and how to make them successful.

Mr. Broadwell’s experience in real world national security situations has solidified his passion of enhancing security for the United States and has strengthened his leadership in becoming a Homeland Security practitioner.

First EM response/experience: Hurricane Katrina

Hobbies: Snowboarding, camping, reading, playing with my German Shepard, Chip

Favorite Disaster Movie: Independence Day

Favorite Acronym: KISS

Strangest Personal Emergency Kit Item: Poncho Liner

Ideal Survival Food: MRE Chili Mac