Meet Our Team: Casey Moes - Skillbridge Intern

Casey Moes has over 20 years of experience leading diverse teams in identifying and mitigating risk to people, facilities and information. Casey felt major natural disasters first hand growing up in the Midwest along the Mississippi river with catastrophic flooding, severe winter weather and tornados. She participated in the dramatic military response to 9/11 at Fort Bragg, NC and participated in the training and preparation for those service members who responded to protect critical sites in Washington D.C. and New York. Casey trained in the military to support humanitarian assistance or disaster relief in the continental United States and Hawaii, but has served in some protection or emergency management capacity overseas in Italy, Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan.  A one year fellowship with the Department of State (DoS), Bureau of Diplomatic Security led her to working with a team of contingency response planners.  Casey’s work with the Diplomatic Security team mitigated risk and enabled DoS political and governance experts access to austere locations in Syria and critical human capital during their humanitarian crisis.

Casey led a team of professionals in Italy that planned, assessed and enhanced resilience in areas of counterterrorism, emergency management, personal recovery and safety on the continent of Africa. She modified the current assessment tool, the Joint Mission Assurance Assessment, to fit the austere and expeditionary environments at DoD contingency sites in Uganda, Tunisia, Ghana, Gabon, Senegal, Cameroon and Burkina Faso. Casey focused on improvements in Personnel Recovery Policy, theater wide use of tracking devices and using table top exercises to demonstrate the challenges in crisis response timelines and communication.

Most recently, Casey assisted in developing and implementing the control framework for safety and security of the Afghan evacuees at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin. She holds a Bachelor of Science from West Point, a Master’s Degree in Security Management from Webster University, a defense support to civil authorities’ certification (DSCA) and certifications in Antiterrorism, Operations Security and Mission Assurance.