Issue 1: CONSTANT's Vaccine Corner

As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, we are committed to providing updates and new information as it rolls out. In particular, there is a lot happening on the vaccine front. In an effort to keep our clients and partners apprised of all things vaccine, we’ve created CONSTANT’s Vaccine Corner.

Here is the latest, as of today:

  • The vaccine is coming…fast. Pfizer’s vaccine is up for review this month. Officials plan to ship millions of vaccine doses as soon as next week (December 11th). They’ve allocated 6 million doses of vaccines to states based on total population. From there, states can determine how to prioritize doses.
  • Moderna indicated today that it will file for Emergency Use Authorization as well, showing 94.1% efficacy after the last phase of the trials overall, with 100% efficacy on the most severe cases.
  • Between Moderna and Pfizer there will be 20 million doses available to first responders and seniors by end of January (per the Sec of HHS); and 500 million to 1 billion globally by end of 2021 including other vaccine makers.
  • Mass vaccinations are set to take place in April – June, per Dr. Fauci.
  • AstraZeneca indicated, under scrutiny, that it’s vaccine was 70% effective after it combined results from two different dosing regimens – one showing 62% and the other 90%.

Look for more updates from us on the vaccine front soon. And you need help with vaccine planning, we’ve got you. Email us at: