International Medical Corps Training Materials Project

Screenshot of Slide from Emerging Infectious Disease Training

Training Curriculum Development for Healthcare Facilities – International Medical Corps

CONSTANT recently had the privilege of working with the International Medical Corps on a project designed to create training curricula for healthcare facilities. In particular, the International Medical Corps identified a need for training resources for smaller health centers and other healthcare coalition partners in the areas of emerging infectious disease planning as well as hazard vulnerability analysis. CONSTANT worked to create training materials for two courses:

  • Health Center Management for Emerging Infectious Diseases and Other Public Health Emergencies
  • Health and Medical Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA) Review and Annex Development

These two courses were designed as four to six hour, in-person training sessions that could be delivered by subject matter experts through International Medical Corps’ Speakers Bureau in jurisdictions and/or healthcare facilities that request the course. CONSTANT developed a suite of training materials for each course, including a Course Design/Preparation Document, Pre/Post Tests, a Participant Handbook, anInstructor Handbook, a Feedback Form, a slide deck, and a series of supplementary worksheets, templates, and case study handouts. All materials were created in alignment with Section 508 requirements for accessibility, and were translated into Spanish. CONSTANT developed materials based on interviews conducted with subject matter experts as well as a thorough review of current training resources available in each topic area.

CONSTANT was honored to support the International Medical Corps in their efforts to boost domestic healthcare facility resiliency in the face of ever-changing and evolving threats.