In the news: C&A Helping California Prepare

The Constant & Associates team was very excited to help plan and conduct two very large scale exercises this past week across the state of California.  C&A is the prime contractor for the California Statewide Medical Health Exercise Program and also developed Operation Cerberus, a medical countermeasures exercise, for the City of Long Beach.

Take a moment to read about these great preparedness programs in the news:

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5-day California bioterrorism emergency drill continues despite Paris attacks, Los Angeles Daily News, 11/17/15

Massive Week-Long Bio-Terror Drill Announced Beginning Today, Riverside County News Sources, 11/16/15

Southern California to conduct bioterrorism drill Monday, The Sun, 11/15/15

What it’s like at the largest mock bioterrorism drill in California’s history, The Sun, 11/18/15

Don’t be Alarmed: Bio-Terror Drill Planned Before Paris Attacks, Times of San Diego, 11/16/15

Pasadena Public Health Department Conducts Emergency Bio-Terrorism Preparedness Drill, Pasadena News Now, 11/20/15