Fresno County Closed POD Training

CONSTANT has been engaged in Closed Point of Dispensing (POD) planning efforts with the Fresno County Department of Public Health as part of a multi-year project starting in 2018. As part of this project, CONSTANT has been assisting with Closed POD partner outreach and education to help build a network of medication dispensing partners for Fresno during a public health emergency.

Recently, CONSTANT conducted a set of training sessions on Closed POD operations and setup for Closed POD partners. Participants included local schools, tribal representatives, law enforcement, county and city department employees, and private businesses. The CONSTANT team created a customized training to walk participants through the county’s Closed POD activation and deactivation procedures, as well as POD operations for their sites and staff. The training included a full POD setup drill followed by a POD operations drill, where participants took turns playing different roles at a POD. Overall, the feedback from the training was overwhelmingly positive. CONSTANT continues to provide POD planning and training support to multiple jurisdictions, and was happy to be a part of Fresno County’s efforts.