Measles, Your Business, and How You Can Help With Outbreaks

Imagine a public health emergency – this can be something as basic as a measles outbreak or one that is Contagion movie-esque – where people fall prey to a series illness that can be prevented or tempered with medication.

Local public agencies have plans in place to rapidly dispense medications, but with finite staff and time of the essence, help will be needed from everyone, including businesses, to get the medicine out quickly.

But what if your business could also dispense medication to your employees and members?  Enter the concept of a closed point of dispensing (POD) – a quick way to help your staff get medication through partnership with the local health agency.  This concept can not only provide a vital service to your employees, but also help with “keeping your doors open” by having staff to continue operations, further demonstrating your commitment to their health and the community at large.

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