COVID-19 Response and After-Action Support

COVID-19 Response and After Action Support

The expansion of the COVID-19 / Coronavirus across the United States has led to an unprecedented response by the public health and emergency management community.  As we prepare for an extended response the CONSTANT team is ready and able to provide response support and after action planning to impacted jurisdictions and communities. The following are a few areas CONSTANT is able to provide response support for your organization:

Surge Staffing
• Public Health Department Operations Center Staffing
• EOC Staffing and Technical Assistance
• Virtual Public Outreach and Engagement
• Crisis Communications
• Grant Writing

• Training on COVID-19 and Protective Measures
• Primers, and Infographics for Executives and Senior Leaders
• Cultural Sensitivity Training

Response Management
• Continuity Planning
• Governance and Inter-Agency Coordination
• Daily Situation Updates in Digestible, Quick Reference Format
• Scarce Resource Allocation
• Incident Action Planning
• Patient Transportation Planning

Crisis Communications
• Messaging Development
• Media Training
• Social Media Management
• Whole Community Engagement

After-Action Support
A key element to every response is the collection of information and data for the creation of a through and informative After-Action Report. The COVID-19 response represents a unique opportunity to evaluate response activities and the activation of continuity of operations plans during a major event, the lessons learned and codified in an after-action report will drive system-wide improvements and increase resiliency for the next pandemic or disaster.

CONSTANT is able to begin supporting After-Action planning now to ensure your organization is able to prepare for the future with the hard work they are doing today.

Contact Us
To discuss how CONSTANT can help with your COVID-19 response or after-action report development please contact:

Scott MacKay, General Manager
[email protected]