CONSTANT Services – COVID-19 Training for Healthcare Facilities

Need COVID-19 training for your healthcare facility staff, ASAP? CONSTANT offers a four-hour Infectious Disease and Pandemic Planning for Healthcare Facilities Training complete with our gifted instructors and professionally styled materials.

Projector on table; in the background are employees attending a trainingCONSTANT can tailor our training curriculum to address COVID-19 preparedness and response for any healthcare facility, from personal protective equipment to patient communication or public messaging. Our instructors utilize case studies from previous outbreaks such as H1N1, Ebola, SARS, and Measles to identify priorities and guidelines relevant to healthcare facilities of varying size and patient population. From small community clinics to a nationwide chain of hospitals, we are here to help.

Let us help you dust off your Pandemic Preparedness Plans and provide refresher training to you and your colleagues. For more information, contact Hieu Vo at or (424)320-2584.

As we navigate this ongoing outbreak, please follow CONSTANT’s COVID-19 thread for more updates and how you and your organization can stay prepared.