CONSTANT Recommends: Social Vulnerabilities Tool for COVID-19

Our colleagues over at Direct Relief have compiled a very useful mapping and infographic website to help local counties and communities identify social vulnerabilities that may impact COVID-19 response. COVID-19 continues to affect different groups with varying levels of severity, and these tools can help highlight those who may be at greater risk of contracting the disease or bearing the burden of response impacts. The tool identifies categories such as people without health insurance, households below the poverty level, estimated unemployment, people who cannot speak English, the most common pre-existing medical conditions, and more.

CONSTANT applauds the efforts of Direct Relief to not only support our critical health infrastructure at this time, but to continue helping local communities ensure that no one is left behind in COVID-19 response and recovery planning. We encourage you to take a look at the index measures for your community and help spread the word to advocate for these groups. To view the Direct Relief tool, please visit this link

As we continue to manage this ongoing outbreak, please follow CONSTANT’s COVID-19 thread as well for more updates and how your organization can stay prepared.