CONSTANT Recommends: Save the Children Online Resource Center

We know that the earliest years are the most important time for a child’s development overall, making them some of the most vulnerable to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, whether from school closures, income insecurity, domestic abuse, or the mental and behavioral impacts of self-isolation and shelter-in-place.

For parents and families with young children at home during this difficult time, CONSTANT recommends taking a look at Save the Children’s Online Resource Center, which has tips for talking to kids about coronavirus, weekly learning activities, hand washing education, stress and relaxation tips, and links to other resources for access to free meals, abuse hotlines, and more.

Save the Children continues to add more content each week, and recommends that parents and educators sign up for their newsletter to receive new resources or information as they are released.

As we continue to manage this ongoing outbreak, please follow CONSTANT’s COVID-19 thread as well for more updates and how your organization can stay prepared.