CONSTANT - Paradise Irrigation District After-Action Report

CONSTANT was contracted by Paradise Irrigation District (PID) to develop a 2018 Camp Fire After Action Report (AAR) and Corrective Action Plan (CAP). The purpose of these documents is to identify strengths and areas for improvement exhibited during the District’s response and recovery efforts and to provide corrective action recommendations that can be implemented to improve future District responses to disasters.

CONSTANT conducted a number of efforts to fully understand PID’s response and recovery to the Camp Fire and to collect the data necessary to develop the report. These efforts included developing and disseminating an online survey, conducting group and individual interviews, and hosting a facilitated incident “hot wash”. CONSTANT engaged a range of stakeholders including current and former PID employees, Board of Directors representatives, and response partners. Additionally, CONSTANT reviewed extensive incident documentation from internal PID and external public sources.

After drafting an initial AAR, CONSTANT and PID completed a review process where feedback was collected on the report to ensure accuracy and completeness. All comments provided by stakeholders were incorporated into the documents. The AAR and CAP now serve to memorialize the PID employees who stood in the face of unmeasurable disaster and worked to overcome overwhelming circumstances for their community and home. These documents also provide a blueprint of actionable steps that can be implemented to support the resiliency of PID during future incidents.

The CONSTANT team was honored to be able to assist the PID in assessing its response and recovery to one of the most devastating wildfires in California history.