City of Hope National Medical Center Exercise

Recently, C&A had the pleasure of working in synchrony with the Radiological Injury Treatment Network (RITN) and the City of Hope National Medical Center (COH), developing a groundbreaking full-scale exercise, the largest for the facility thus far, testing the surge of radiological victims to this specialty treatment center.

Utilizing the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP), this exercise was part of a larger exercise carried out in accordance with the National Disaster Medical System (NDMS) and the Federal Coordinating Center (FCC). The City of Hope National Medical Center identified the need for testing their plans to receive radiological victims through the RITN, contracting C&A to provide a thorough planning, design, conduct, and evaluation of: victim treatment, those suffering from radiation exposure or other marrow-toxic conditions; COH’s emergency response plans, policies, and procedures; and program effectiveness during a radiological emergency. The full-scale exercise took place over three days, with two days of play taking place at COH and one day at the NDMS receiving site where patients would be airlifted for transport. The project was featured on ABC7 and can be found here: