A Message from Michelle Constant on COVID-19

I want to take a moment to thank all of those who are working directly on the front lines of this COVID-19 pandemic. Our thoughts are with all community members during this very difficult time – from the emergency managers, nurses, and public health staff – to the parents, small business owners, and staff of essential businesses.  We are with you, we stand beside you, and we support you.

Supporting Our Staff
As a company, CONSTANT has worked with immediacy to activate our own continuity strategies – implementing strengthened teleworking measures, working with clients to shift work delivery strategies, and providing support to our staff.  Our staff’s ability to pivot and immerse in COVID-19 has truly been a demonstration of their commitment to serve.  We are responding internally to offer needed flexibilities to our staff as we understand the challenges posed by school closures, stay at home measures, and family care.  We have shifted to companywide telework, hosted companywide COVID-19 briefings, and rolled out a myriad of new flex offerings.

Additionally, we’ve upped our technology game by significantly increased video, online chat, cloud storage, and online task tracking solutions.  I couldn’t be more impressed with the speed with which our team has adapted, the care our staff have shown for one another and our clients, and their keen ability to stay positive through all of this.  I also commend our leadership team who meet regularly to discuss any and all ways that we need to modify the way we do business to ensure client service delivery and serve as an optimal employer for our staff.

Staying Resilient
During these challenging times, I am so grateful see our clients put into action the many plans, trainings and exercises that we’ve supported them with.  And I am so honored to now have an opportunity to redeploy our very talented staff to COVID-19 response efforts and further serve the cause.

As we navigate this difficult time, I am continually inspired by the tremendous spirit of our global community. From balcony sing-alongs and dance parties in Italy and Spain to music performances on social media platforms, the resilience of our fellow neighbors instill confidence that we will get through this together.

We understand the uncertainty of a global pandemic is difficult to process. For that, CONSTANT will be doing our best to support our community heal through this turbulent period. I wish everyone health, comfort, and peace during this tense time.

Kind Regards,
Michelle Constant, MBA 
CEO + Founder