2017 Bay Area UASI Mass Care and Sheltering Project

The Bay Area UASI Care and Shelter Subcommittee partnered with Constant Associates (CONSTANT)to build regional capabilities for providing care and shelter services in the event of moderate to catastrophic disasters. This project analyzed, tested, and provided tools for local jurisdictions to build capability in the areas of medical care, animal care, and feeding and sheltering. The project also enhanced general care and shelter planning efforts and initiatives in serving people with disabilities and other access and functional needs. Through the course of the project, CONSTANT:

  • Developed region-specific scenarios (included in the Gap Identification Tool Quick Guide).
  • Performed a high-level review and assessment of jurisdictional and regional care and shelter plans.
  • Organized three workshops to build an understanding of local government roles and responsibilities, the inclusion of people with access and functional needs, and animal care all within the mass care services core capability.
  • Organized two care and shelter Tabletop exercises for Santa Clara County.
  • Developed the Care and Shelter Gap Identification Tool, a resource that includes a Quick Guide that provides step-by-step instruction regarding the use of the Excel tool, which is designed to organize quantitative and qualitative care and shelter resources.
  • Developed a regional strategy to improve emergency care and shelter operations throughout the region.
  • Established a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Status Dashboard for local government care and shelter MOUs with American Red Cross and other non-government partners.

Most of these project deliverables are now available for viewing or download through the UASI Website: http://www.bayareauasi.org/careshelter.

View photos from the project exercise below: