15 'til 50 Full Scale Exercise


Ten years ago, Chris Riccardi and Dr. Brad Baldridge of Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center Torrance identified a gap in planning around the first crucial minutes of an MCI. They saw hospitals testing medical surge with equipment that was pre-staged, focusing on patient care and triage. While this tested operational coordination, it didn’t touch on the hospital’s ability to rapidly expand capacity to accommodate a large influx of walking wounded patients. Based on this finding, an innovative solution was created: the 15 Minutes Until 50 Patients MCI Program, or “15 ’til 50” for short. 15 ’til 50 concentrates on the pre-positioning of supplies and emergency response roles of hospital staff. In 2014, Chris Riccardi and Dr. Brad Baldridge partnered with Terry Stone of Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital, they sought funding through the Hospital Preparedness Program Grant to create a 15 til 50 MCI Plan Template and Guide so that any hospital could replicate the program.


Constant & Associates (C&A) was engaged to facilitate this process from start to finish. Work began in November 2014 with a Gap Analysis Survey sent out to hospital planners that revealed many respondents did not have an adequate MCI plan to cover the first two hours of an incident. After performing two separate drills, work began on the development of a 15 ’til 50 MCI Guidebook and 15 ’til 50 Plan Template. Providence used the Guidebook and Template to create a customized plan that was tested in the full-scale exercise. Materials and guidance documents developed as a result of this project are scalable and will also assist other hospitals in improving upon and expanding their MCI plans and, by extension, their ability to respond in a timely manner following real-world mass casualty incidents in their communities.

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